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Tips, tricks and techniques

How to Make the Ultimate Fluffy and Fragrant Biryani

She’s got layers (of perfectly steamed rice, spiced eggplant, and fried onions).

Got Two Zip-Top Bags? You Can Make Ice Cream

Babysitters and elementary school science teachers know.

What is Eggnog?

We’ve got our best noggins on the case.

Round Tarts Are Nice, But Rectangular Tarts Bring the Drama

I use my rectangular tart pan twice a year. It's still worth it.

What Is Mochi? For Starters, Perfect

Like chewy little clouds, these Japanese sweet rice cakes are all about texture.

Mortadella Is the Cool Kid of the Deli Case

Get to know everyone's favorite millennial pink deli meat.

This Oatmeal Tastes Like Creamy, Fragrant Chai

When your bowl of breakfast and your mug of tea join forces.

This Tropical Cognac Punch Will Warm Even the Wintriest Holiday Parties

A complex and historic spirit, cognac is the ideal base for big-batch cocktails.

What Is the Best Mayo And Why Is It Kewpie?

When mayonnaise is this good, you put it on everything.

Allspice Is the Berry—Yes, Berry—That Can Do It All

Enigmatic, warm, and versatile, allspice is a true triple threat.

The Perfect Cocktail Party Menu for Every Kind of Holiday Hang

A low-key gathering. The day-after brunch. Family fun. Whatever you're up to this year, we've got drinks and snacks for that.

This Is the Best Oil for Frying

You better not be wasting a fortune deep-frying in olive oil.

The Only Fry Batter You'll Ever Need

This gets-crispy-stays-crispy batter is magic.

Every Piece Is an Edge Piece in This Roll-up Lasagna

This recipe is like that all-corners brownie pan, but for lasagna.