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Ali Slagle

Mortadella Wedge Salad

It’s not like a regular wedge; it’s a cool wedge—and by cool we mean stuffed with pickled jalapeños and paper-thin slices of mortadella and drizzled with tangy buttermilk dressing.

Pan-Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Tempeh

The best part of this super easy vegan meal is the crispy shallots. No, it’s the tempeh that tastes like bacon bits. No, it’s the tender roasted sweet potatoes. No, no, no—it’s the smoky chipotle oil that flavors it all.

When I'm All Out of Dinner Ideas, I Make One-Pot Rice and Greens

Starch plus vegetable equals endless opportunity.

The Pizza Beans Formula and All the Ways to Riff On It

You never get tired of pizza. You’ll never get tired of Pizza Beans.

Margherita Pizza Beans

Fresh summer tomatoes take center stage with these saucy Margherita pizza-inspired beans.

Chicken Breast With Peas and Croutons

If it’s not quite spring where you live, cheat the season by using frozen peas in this juicy chicken breast dish with herby croutons.

Mushroom-Farro Soup

This cozy vegetarian soup delivers all the savory richness of mushroom-barley without meat or beef broth thanks to a few umami-heavy pantry ingredients.

Swiss Chard Beer Garden Salad

Silky Swiss chard, briny pops of mustard-macerated onions, sharp cheddar, chunks of sausage, and crushed pretzels mingle in this ode to the flavors found at beer gardens. 

Oxymel Is the Tart, Herbal Tonic You Can Make at Home

A vinegar elixir with a storied past.